07 February 2012


I am really horrid at this, but I am trying! I have made cupcakes since my last posting. I just didn't post about them or take pictures or anything that I know I should've done with them. I did feed them to people, which is pretty good since that is the whole point of baking anyway.

So, let's review. After the Chocolate Chip Cupcakes, I made some Strawberry Cupcakes with Chocolate Swiss Meringue and I made Thin Mint Cupcakes with truffles tucked inside && Andes de Menthe ganache and I also made some German Chocolate Cupcakes (with Betty Crocker Frosting; totally cheating). Yup, I've been busy, I am just so bad at this - I promise to get better!

All right, let's discuss the Strawberry Cupcakes with Chocolate Swiss Meringue. I used a basic vanilla cupcake and mixed in yummy frozen strawberries { cos the fresh ones around here are kind of yuck } and those came out amazing; tasted just like a strawberry shortcake. Yummers. I wouldn't change that for the world, the frosting on the other hand . . .

I got impatient. I didn't wait for the sugar concoction to cool and it effed up my whole frosting. The merguine curdled and it suffered. I served them anyway; the taste was all right, but the texture was gross. Like totally slimy and greasy. If a recipe says to wait for something to cool, they aren't joking. It was messed up - never again.

Okay, onto Thin Mint Cupcakes. These are quoted to be "the greatest cupcakes in existence and my wife might want to sleep with you after eating these." These were awesome cupcakes, we start with crushed thin mints { or grasshoppers, either/or } meshed with cream cheese and rolled into truffle balls; we place these truffles on the cookies we have in the bottom of the cupcake wrapper. Then we fill it with a simple chocolate cake batter { I reduced the sugar by an eighth and increased the cocoa by just a smudge } and after they are done we drizzled on an Andes de Menthe ganache { I totally butchered this recipe too, with excellent results, really excellent results }.

Lastly, we have the German Chocolate cupcakes. I cheated on the frosting and used Betty Crocker's Coconut Peacan topping and I feel bad about it. I didn't like these personally but they got me a hug and a lots of "those are really good." I messed up the batter on this one and it was too runny; when I went to add some cocoa to fix it, I got way too much but it actually made them taste richer. The kitchen was against me making these, I attempted these twice before it worked. The first batter flubbed cos I added too many eggs. Next, all the outlets died and my KitchenAid's bowl detached itself and tried to kill me when I got it to work. BUT! I did not deter myself, and the cupcakes were made for birthdays!

That's the wrap up on the last three recipes. I will be posting pictures when I make them again, and I will be making them again. Plus, some new recipes; anyone up for Caramel Delite Cupcakes? Yup, me, too. AND don't worry, the links to the recipes will be posted when I make them again. I gotta make them to tell the tweaks.